A new year, a new site

First and foremost, for anyone who regularly checks in here to see what I’m up to, thank you. I deeply appreciate your interest in my doodles and efforts to fix what I broke many years ago. I really don’t check the stats on the site, so I may be talking to myself, but if there is anyone lurking out there in the interwebs, I appreciate you taking the time to check this out.

I will be continuing with the Drawcember concept, because for me it’s not really all that different from what I used to do before I hurt myself, except for the fear (that I’m gradually overcoming) that I couldn’t do it anymore. I need to hold myself accountable for at least a drawing a day, because it’s important and because it makes me happy.

But posting on a blog called “Drawcember” in the summer is kind of silly. I knew it then, but I wanted to make it to this milestone before I made a switch. Sooo….

Starting today, I’ll be posting all my efforts over to a new blog site:


I’ll leave this one up so the last year’s work is still viewable (such as it is), but all new stuff will be on NaaSketches.

Again, thanks for your interest. Onward!


A new year, a new site